Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas // Scott’s Market

maroon bells Colorado

Boots // sweater (size small) // scarf // purse // hat

Yesterday my cousin Leah and I loaded up in a Uhaul and headed to Scott’s Antique Market. I have always heard great things about Scott’s but it definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s two HUGE warehouses – each building felt like 3 Lowe’s buildings all put together with different venders from all around who rent space and set up shop. There was amazing furniture, lamps, antiques, paintings, framed artwork, mirrors, pillows, and fur coats. It’s a great place to go if you are trying to decorate your home. The prices are wholesale because it’s right from the vendors, and no “middleman” or “storefront” markup. We actually came across a few things that we recognized that are sold for 3 or 4 times the price in our more local stores.

You don’t have to have a decorator license or vendor license to go – it’s just open to the public! Anyone can go! I think the best thing there was the framed art. Frames are SO expensive and the artwork was at a GREAT price AND came WITH the frames. If you need to fill up your walls I think this is a GREAT place to look! If you are looking for furniture it might be best to come with a Uhaul or big van but the place we got furniture from delievers too – so it’s not a requirement to have a Uhaul. Also, parking was $5 or $10 and they only accept cash. And a lot of the vendors only took check or cash – don’t just bring a debit or credit card!

Here is the schedule. I think they do it once a month for a few days at a time each month. This month it’s November 8-11 and it’s always 9:00-6:00. The next one is December 6-9. It would be completely possible to go and just go in one of the buildings but don’t forget there are TWO warehouses – one is on one side of the interstate and the other is on the other side of the interstate. They are probably 1/2 a mile a part. The addresses are: 3650 Jonesboro Road Atlanta, GA (north building) and 3850 Jonesboro Road Atlanta, GA (south building). They also have one in Ohio!

There are also restaurants set up in the warehouses in case you need a food break (which we definitely did) it’s SO EASY to make this an all day event. It wasn’t fancy food just some buffet style and some carnival style like pizza and popcorn etc…

I think this would be such a fun outing with girlfriends or your mom / sister / cousin! I can’t wait to go back 🙂

tan sweater

jeans // Rothy shoes // exact sweater (size small) // similar sweater and here

color block swetaer

striped swetaer // black jeans // camel boots // gucci purse

OTK boots

boots // sweater // scarf // bag

oversized swetaer

sweater // boots // bag //

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

gray boots // white top (size small) // crossbody bag //

Fall Scarves

gray boots // maroon scarf // plaid scarf //  gucci bag // white top

red swetaer

gucci bag // jeans // booties // scarf // red sweater (size small)

knit beanie

gucci bag // gray boots // jeans // white sweater // hat

fall outfit ideas

black OTK boots // striped dress // blue sweater // maroon dress (size 1x) // green dress // gucci bag

yellow sweater dress

dress (I got a 1X to make it a sweater dress and not a sweater) // boots

orange sweater dress

dress // boots // dede’s skirt // dede’s top // dede’s boots

knit beanie

white top // scarf // Emily’s top // hat // boots  // lip color 

fall front porch

boots // sweater // scarf

louis vuitton neverfull

dress // boots // hat // purse // similar scarf

fall outfit ideas my boots // my white top //  Laura’s boots // dede’s boots // Laura’s top // my white top // my scarf // leopard top // gucci belt //

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  1. I *LOVE* Scott’s Antique Market. My mom and I have been going for years. It’s always such a fun afternoon. We took my boyfriend’s mother (who is from NYC), and she also loved it!

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