Friday Favorites

Friday’s Favorites


seeing so many pumpkin patches all week around the country


Nilla getting to come with us to all the different cities


a relaxed morning with coffee and my sister at her home in Birmingham


a mouthwatering hamburger that hit the spot after a long drive


the perfect fall floral dress


being greeted at 21C with pink penguins


drinks and desserts with David at Proof on Main – and him Navigating this entire trip because I’m terrible at directions


a seriously stunning sky after a downpour


missing home and this chair to curl up in

This week was spent on the road for David’s Interview trail. It has been both exciting and a bit nerve racking traveling around to the different cities, but in the end we are just greatful for the opportunity and I’m thankful I got to tag along – with Nilla, no less! We are currently in Louisville, KY, a place I’ve never been before and it has so much to offer. We ate at Proof on Main last night and the waiter brought our check with a plate full of cotton candy. Um… what!? Yes please!

We’ve passed so many pumpkin patches on the side of the road and it’s definitely making it feel like fall. I’ve seen so many cute decorated porches too and it makes me excited to go home and decorate my own. I guess “missing home” might be an odd thing to include in Fridays Favorites, but it makes me happy that I’ve created a space that I genuinely love and can’t wait to get back to. Although, this 21C robe and having Nilla curled up with me right now is pretty great too.

Hope you had a wonderful week and thank you so much for reading!

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