Friday Favorites

an afternoon walk around a beautiful neighborhood in Chapel Hill and admiring the pretty homes

filling up TWO coffee cups in the morning, one for David and one for me, since the last time I did that was over a month  ago

getting excited about going to see Liverpool play in Charlotte this Saturday – an absolute dream to David.

hat // shorts // shoes 

arugula, parmesan, and prosciutto at  Venable Bistro

this seersucker summer dress with a bow for date night

dress similar here, here and love this one

walking to the Carr Mill to dine at Elmo’s Diner

Nilla helping me pick out an outfit

it’s her favorite hobby, clearly 

living in the same town as a TCBY

cleaning the kitchen and looking over to see this

Happy Friday! One of the things I miss most about having a job is the great feeling that it’s the weekend. Between David’s schedule of random off days and my open schedule, that “tgif” feeling is not in rotation at the moment. Still, I am so glad we matched here. More than anything I’m just proud of David for matching at such a great program. 
Every time I’ve ever moved, it’s only been for the summer… so knowing that we will be here for 3 or 6 years is a much different perspective. I feel like I don’t really share a lot of personal stuff here on the blog so I thought I’d share some of my favorite things of Chapel Hill/ Carrboro so far: 
1. Our tin roof: we are living in an actual cottage – it’s much smaller than a house, but it is freestanding. Last night we fell asleep listening to the rain on our tin roof and I loved it. 
2. Our courtyard: going from having NO outdoor space to having a courtyard has been wonderful. It’s so fun to eat outside or just sit in my plastic adirondack chair with a glass of wine and chat on the phone. 
3: our dishwasher, no explanation needed 
4. the paved streets: I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but coming from Jackson, Mississippi I can’t get over how nice all these roads are. 
5. Living across the street from a coffee shop: it’s perfect to just walk over in the morning when I’m out of coffee, or even if I’m not and just want somewhere to sit and read. 
6. the north carolina blue that everyone wears, and that is visible on road signs, banners, buses, and even fire trucks – it’s just so pretty. 
7. the weather: not nearly as humid as Mississippi and the thunderstorms are a bit more intense which I like 
8. south point mall– it’s the best shopping center I’ve ever lived by and one of the top ten malls in the country. 🙂 
9. The restaurants that are within walking distance from our cottage, especially my favorite brunch spot ever, provence
10. our new church: Church of the Good Shepherd – we church hunted for a while but have decided on this one and it’s great to find a church home. 
11. running trails (or just walking trails) like this 
12. being within driving distance of DC, Charleston, and NYC – Christina and I are planning to go to the big apple in september and I’m so excited about it! 
13. the amount of longchamp purses I see on a daily basis – I can appreciate a good bag wherever it is, either on other peoples arms. 
14. Fridays on the front porch – definitely one of my favorite community activities that Chapel Hill has to offer. 
15. The people – the people make any place and the ones I’ve met here are so far are wonderful and I can’t wait to meet more.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the TGIF feeling today! Thanks so much for reading.   
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