A Colorful birthday

*David left at 5:30 a.m. the day before my birthday, but not before he whispered “Lauren, when you wake up, make sure you look at the chalkboard.” *

 * my favorite part of the note, to be said in the voice of gossip girl – “you know you love me… X O X O” my fifth grade summer has included all the seasons of that show, naturally. *

 * Le Pavillon: a 107 year old hotel on Poydras Street in New Orleans *

 * he kept it a surprise and I loved it. I love birthdays. I keep waiting for that one where I lock myself in the bathroom and cry because I’ve turned “old” but that still hasn’t happened *

 * whenever I think of New Orleans, I think of the Music, the food, and the COLORS *

 * Cajun cookin at Jacque Imo’s – it’s our favorite restaurant since trying it out on new years a few years back with friends *

 * hey, you *

 * we both got the same meal. I love the food and the atmosphere * 

 * blue New Orleans night – I couldn’t help but think of Katrina and how this dome housed so many in 2005 *

 * It meant so much to me that David used his ONLY day off ALL month to take me on a trip for my birthday. Thanks David *

 * a tradition of the hotel is to serve PB&J sandwiches at night from 9-11, with cold milk and hot chocolate because the original owner liked it that way *

 * less concerned with smelling the roses, more concerned with the PB&Js *

 * smooth OR crunchy *

 * hot chocolate additions *

 * the old hotel reminded me of the movie “Dunston checks in” *

 * so many little touches that added character *

 * big blue fish *

 *Pink toes and a rooftop pool: the perfect start to my 27th year of life *

* Canal street lined with green palms *

 * David’s green eyes and green shirt – here’s looking at you, kid *

 * Matching meals at Jacque Imo’s. Matching meals at the Palace Cafe *

 * a very cute trolley * 

 * I love leopard * 

 * Pimm’s cup at Tonique *

* maybe a few rounds of candy crush *

 * free mixing beakers from Tonique, my favorite bar in New Orleans *

 * colorful display *

 * French Quarter *

 * river walk – when discussing things to do I told David I wanted to go to the “river walk” … he thought I meant the mall, I really meant a walk by the River with him *

 * ending a good birthday with pizza and a movie *

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